Top 11 SEO Analysis Tools For Your Website | Best SEO Analysis Tools

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best digital marketing techniques to boost your content over the web. Performing an SEO analysis of your website gives you deep insights into the areas that may need improvement. Therefore, it’s important to know the ins and outs of planning and implementing a successful SEO analysis starting with a deep-drive SEO audit.

What is an SEO analysis?

An SEO analysis is also known as an SEO audit. SEO analysis is where you examine your website and gain a better understanding on how well your site has been optimized and what to do to improve it.

 Why is an SEO analysis important?

An SEO analysis can help you figure out where you can improve your site content and technical features to give users a better experience and to show search engines context and relationship between your content and the search query visitors are using.

Analyzing a website’s SEO basically involves evaluating on-page and off-page factors. One should try doing this to discover ideas to rank new content and web pages through site auditing and backlink analysis. It’s important to continuously improve website traffic, achieving your business objectives, growth goals and strategic decision for improvement.

One should perform SEO analysis through framework of satisfying search bots and algorithmic updates. Constant algorithmic changes from Google can affect your site’s ranking, site auditing helps you to stay up to date.

How to do an SEO analysis of a website

On page SEO: Refers to the process of optimizing one webpage to rank higher on search engine results pages in order to gain traffic includes activities like structural issues, the HTML source code, the page architecture and meta-tags.

Off page SEO: Refers to potential action or techniques that are taken outside of your own website. This includes internal link building, guest hosting social media marketing etc.

Technical SEO: Improving the technical aspects of a website in order to increase ranking of its pages in the search engines. It also includes mobile optimization.

Here are some of the things to check when doing an SEO analysis

  • Analyze titles and headings: Titles should be attention-grabbing and encourage users to click on them. One should ensure that you are using the proper SEO keywords for your page. High search volume keywords usually have high competition, so it’s difficult to rank for them. So try to find a long-tail keyword that is a little less competitive and will improve your chances of showing up on the first page of SERP.
  • Audit your images: Images are important in your website because they are attractive and easier to consume for the visitors. It is important to optimize your images with proper text to describe the appearance and function of that image. Search engine crawlers can’t crawl images, so you must have an appropriate title, the title should best describe what the images contains. One should also compress the images to reduce their size which can help improve load speed.
  • Analyzing your website content: Content is a vital part of SEO because you need to consider when checking the SEO of your website. One should ensure the content is unique, high quality and with no errors and also make sure to optimize keywords positioning and on-page errors.
  • Check for broken links: Broken links can cause a terrible experience for users visiting your website. Broken links can be fixed by confirming appropriate spelling or performing a 301 redirect to a different but still valid URL’S removing broken links can help make your website more user friendly.
  • Evaluate incoming links: inbound links also known as incoming or backlinks are hyperlinked links to your site from another site. You should also check inbound links to your website and even those of your competitor’s website. This can give you an idea of how much work needs to be done to improve your rankings. It’s important to analyze a site’s incoming links /backlink profile to make sure it’s not receiving too many low-quality links like spam or negative SEO attacks.
  • Check your page speed: Analyzing the loading speed of your website is an important factor that one should take into account. Your page speed can influence your website’s SEO and user experience. One should monitor it at regular basis to ensure that it is running well and efficiently. You can test you page speed from page speed insights tool by Google.    


SEO analysis is a must for every website and it should be done at regular intervals. One should know whether their efforts are working if you see an increase in organic and overall traffic. If you re-run your website audit you should receive fewer issues and a higher ‘health’ score.

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10 WordPress Membership Plugin Options - Small Business Trends

With a membership plugin, one is able to block some or all of your content allowing users to access when they pay an upfront or recurring fee.

Choosing the right platform to build your membership sites on makes a huge difference when it comes to growing your business.


With so many membership plugins it can be difficult to choose the best one for your site. Here are some of the things you need to look at when choosing a plugin:

  • Features: when it comes to membership plugins you can purchase any types of features you want for your site. And if you are looking subscriptions and sell paid content depending on the feature that works best for site. You want to ensure the plugin you want to use makes it possible for you to gate the content and privileges as needed. And having an idea of what type of membership site you want to create will help you decide whether or not the membership tool you’re considering has the features needed.
  • Ease to use: Always make sure you choose a plugin that is ease to use, apply and customize the various features of a membership plugin. It should also be simple to integrate payment option like PayPal, stripe etc.
  • Compatibility: One should choose a membership plugin which is compatible with WordPress theme. If not, it will end up breaking your site and making things harder for yourself.


  • Collecting membership payments: One has the ability to monetize your website and collect payment from members or renew their membership without leaving your website.
  • Control access to your content:  The best thing about membership plugins is  that one has the ability to control the access of their content. Allows you to release a specific amount of content periodically in order to retain subscribers.
  • Community building: Effective way to build customer loyalty is by creating a community building. Which allows you to connect on a deep level with your target audience, increase your customer lifetime value and an opportunity to forge strong customer’s relationships.
  • Generate revenue: requires site visitors to pay for access to your membership site.


  • Online courses/ ecourses: This course might include: interactive projects, video, Quizzes and documents like PDF
  • Fixed-term membership:  This is where customers pay for a short membership and they might have access to locked content for certain amount of time.
  • Product membership: This is where digital and physical are sent to members on a recurring basis like clubs are popular examples of this type of membership
  • A service –based membership: Requires members to pay for a certain amount of services that you provide, which includes coaching, consulting etc.
  • An online community: with live charts, forums and articles to read and other resources that are not available to the public or unregistered users.


  • Member press
image 2

Member press is one of the easiest to use WordPress membership plugins. Member press provides a full membership suite with unlimited member support, digital products, drip content and coupons.


  • Customizable checkout
  • Compatibility with WordPress theme
  • Email notifications to keep you up-to date with member information
  • Content dripping and contact access expiration
  • Powerful LMS features for selling courses online
  • Support for PayPal, stripe and authorize net
  • Offer customizable coupons
  • Integrate with easy affiliate plugin to create your own affiliate program
  • Content restriction rules to protect posts, pages, images, video etc.


  • Limited payment options: Member press only supports the 3 most payment getaways. This would be a deal breaker for site owner who live in countries not supported by these payment getaways.
  • Limited integrations: While the plugins have enough support for popular services to run a membership site effectively, it still lacks extensible, you can pay someone to integrate a third-party service you would like to use.
  • There are no free versions.

Price: member press starts at $179per year

image 3

Paid membership pro is a free WordPress membership plugin that comes with great set of features and its extendable add-ons. The plugin is among the easiest to customize and even comes with its own WordPress theme. It has built- in integration of six payment getaways and extensive options for restricting content. You can get the basic version for free.


  • Create and control membership levels
  • Compatible with PayPal, PayPal pro ,2checkout and stripe
  • Unlimited membership levels
  • Pay per post/view
  • Customizable with email templates
  • Flexible subscription pricing structures including recurring and one-time payment.
  • Offer discount codes


  • The paid options are out of reach of small websites
  • Add-ons cannot be purchased individually
  • Some of the documentation and solutions require code knowledge

Pricing starts from $247 per year.

  • s2MEMBER
image 4

s2member is a popular free membership plugin. It has a variety of features for a free plugin even though some of them are limited.


  • Free basic plugins
  • Content dripping
  • Integration works with mail chimp, bbpress and buddy press
  • Easy- to- accept recurring payment.
  • Stripe, click bank and authorize net integration are available in pro


  • Free versions limitations: free versions only support PayPal, limits to only 4 membership level, does not have drip content feature
  • Not very user friendly: a little more difficult to use than other membership plugins

Pricing starts from $89

image 5

Restrict content pro lets you create unlimited subscription levels. One can choose between free, trial and premium subscriptions, which gives you a good deal of flexibility. Also gives you all the features you need to create a full-featured membership site.


  • Content dripping
  • The Woo Commerce integration ensures that you can sell your membership and even include other products for sale on your website.
  • Payment getaways: stripes, PayPal and Braintree comes as a free Add-ons. Also supports payment getaways include 2checkout, PayPal website payment pro, PayPal express and stripe checkout.
  • 13 free Add-ons are included with each payment plan.
  • Unlimited subscription levels
  • Easy to understand user interface
  • Membership emails
  • Unlimited subscription packages


  • There is no built-in affiliate system
  • Unable to drip content with core plugin

Pricing  Starts at $99 for the first year

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Google My Business

What is Google my business or Google business profile?

Google my business is an easy to use tool that help small businesses to manage their online presence across Google like Google search and maps. Its a platform that allows business owners to control how they appear on Google and make their company stand out. Here are some of the benefits of using Google my business.


One must never underestimate the power of customers reviews, especially when it comes to search rankings. According to Moz research, internet reviews are considered to account for 10% of how search engine rank results. If you want your business to appear in search results, you must use Google my business to make it easy for your consumers to submit good reviews about your company. When your business shows off its shiny yellow 5 star rating along with all its other important details. When your competitors has significantly fewer reviews or low ratings, that customer is more likely to turn to you than them.


Google my business makes it simple for startups for small businesses and companies to market their product and services online by enhancing exposure and raising the likelihood of appearing in search results. It can help potential customers to quickly find and contact you. Its a free tool that you can make use of to improve your online presence, connect with your customers and increase your business revenue.


what20is20google20my20business20business20profile20in20maps20fresh20n20clean20dry20cleaning 4

Google my Business helps ensure that people find your business when looking your products and services that you offer in their local area. The local pack is a search engine result page (SERP) that lists the location that are relevant to your search. Also provides a slew of other helpful data for any potential consumer who may want to know, like business phone numbers etc. In case customers have extra questions or even public star rating, Its useful for both the company and the consumers.


One can use Google my business dashboard to gain key insights on your audience and local search performance. Google my business has tools that gives information on key areas to help create plans and make decisions. This tool gives you access to information and insights that might help you figure out where you audience is coming from.


The local pack takes up a lot of space on Google page one result page, and its the first thing each Google users see after typing their query. It allows users to see all of the information they require at a glance. Well optimized listing impacts business visibility in Google in the local packs and maps, with relevancy, trust, search proximity and popularity determining where you are found. When you profile is incomplete, inaccurate, lacking relevance and poorly reviewed, Google won’t give you visibility to the searchers you want to reach.


STEP 1 : Go to and click ‘manage now”

STEP 2: Check whether you business already has a Google listing. if their is, claim it ,click add you business to Google

STEP 3: Enter you details which include business name, business category, address and name of operation

STEP 4: Verify your business, you can request Google to send you a postcard with verification code. Google will send you a postcard within 14 days . NB When waiting for google to send the postcard one should not edit their business name, address or category.

STEP 5 : Publish your Google my business profile and add additional details e.g. operation hours, business description, photos etc.

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bigstock Website Landing Page Developm 229946338.08dbd768.a14c9150

Building a landing page is one of the very first step when designing you website. A landing pages will help convert your visitors into leads. The more landing pages you have in your site , the more leads you get. Here are some of the mistakes to avoid in your landing page.


If the motive of a page is to encourage the user to do a specific activity, then it may seem obvious to say they should make that very clear. Most brands common mistakes is to allow their calls to Action to be unfocused. They want to say too much, too soon, and the end result is a confused customer who doesn’t convert. Another thing is using generic CTA’S which do not impress site visitors, but it often lack context about why the person should click. This is one of the easiest landing page mistake to avoid by making sure your CTA is clear and straight to the point.


Stock photos can make or break your especially when it comes to your landing pages. When you use stock photos it makes a very unprofessional appearance, If users recognize the same image is being used on a different website. Stock photos can be great for other pages or blog post, but for the landing page that introduces your business to the world, it is wiser to use lifestyle images- where possible, visitors want to see actual people doing what you want them to do with your product or service.


Make sure your visitors can immediately locate your form or CTA, If its unclear they’ll be less likely to follow through when it comes to your landing page design, there is a delicate balance to be stuck between not underwhelming or overwhelming the visitor. In the meantime you don’t want to pull all this work into creating the best click-worthy ads that end up leading to dull landing pages.


Most internet users are mostly impatient, unwilling to wait for a badly design landing page to finish downloading so one need to know that you page should be as fast as possible-every seconds will cost you. A slow site can be a negative ranking factor on Google , making it harder for customers to find you online. If you not sure whether your landing page is optimized, use tools like Google’s page speed insights, It helps you identify the elements that are taking longer to load.


So many landing pages are still not optimized for mobile phones despite great percentage of users now use browsers on their phones and this is crucial way of losing conversion. Before launching your landing page, conduct tests to make sure the page and each of its element renders well on mobile phones. Remember that Google penalizes websites that aren’t mobile friendly.


Fake testimonials harm more than good. Most of the time its pretty easy to spot fake testimonials as they are generic and don’t include any specific info as to how your product helped the customer.


Landing page should never have a navigation bar. Too many links in header of your landing page can distract your visitor from the main action that you would like them to take. Navigation bar give your visitors the opportunity to click away from the page and the offer itself. If visitors leave without filling out your form, you won’t collect their contact info and turn them into leads.


You can have the best offers, but people won’t convert if they don’t stay on your landing page long enough. Fixing these mistakes will set you on the right path towards building effective landing pages that are certain to fulfill their mission.

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1500 0

Having a website is no longer luxury, but is a necessity for all business whether a small business or a big-size Agency. A strong online presence, particularly a website, can make or break generating revenue. In this case a business needs a website if it wants to be discovered by most of the potential customers. Consider the following top 9 reasons why your business needs a website in 2022.

  • Building trust and credibility

As times is passing by most people are adopting searching online for things they want. This makes it important a business to have a website in order to increase its credibility to the company or organization. If you don’t have a website, potential consumers will go to your competitors who have websites and who also offer similar services to yours. If you don’t have a website one can doubt your credibility.  Having a website reassures your potential clients that you’re a legitimate business or company.

  • One can showcase their products and services

One can display their offering with features like short video tutorial, featured images to give people a sense of what it feels to enter your physical location. Also publish more info about the products or services in your site to attract potential customers. This increases the average time your customers spend on the website and it might influence their decision to contact you.

  • Leads
images 2

One of the most reasons you should have a website is to increase the possibility of getting leads. Generating leads means making more people know about your products and services and then convincing them that what you offer is better than those of your competitors. It also increases the sale automatically, and you can have more profits by using the website. Even though website are costly, when used correctly they have a positive ROI.

  • Website can attract new customers through Google

In order for you to attract more potential clients the best way is to be visible on google. Social media networks are indexed on Google, and social media posts can be found with the search engines, but having a website offer access to several tools and SEO tactics. SEO is the key to make your business appearance on Google’s main page.

  • Organic traffic
Whats the Difference Between Organic Traffic and Direct Traffic Social Oyova

Once you have a website it implies that there is a possibility your website may appear in the search results when some searches for a product and service. This gives the opportunity to drastically increase your consumer base significantly.

  • A business website makes you look professional

When you have a website is the best platform to showcase your achievements and skills, which helps to look more professional.  Having your own website lets you create an email address which adds a level of professionalism to your business. As of today, most consumers think a website makes your business more credible, more approachable compared to other business that do not have social media platform /profiles.

  • Announcements and updates

When you have a website, you can easily keep in touch with your customers and it’s the best key to make updates and notifications to your clients because you are available 24 hours a day. When something is very relevant to them, you have a better chance of upselling them.

  • Increase working hours

When you have a website for your business you can continue to work at any time.  If you don’t have a website your business will be closed (due to the working hours) and people will go to your competitors but when you have a website, you will be able to service 24/7. On the site you will be able to view the analytics which will show the progress or performance of your website, which will help you in decision making.

  • Digital marketing

If you are planning to probably drive visitors in your website you need to use digital marketing to boost leads and develop your business. To do this effectively, leverage historic traffic that has been going to you site. So, you target the most qualified clients and get the highest return on your ad’s investment. So, it essential to have your website up and operating as soon as possible, even if you don’t intend to run advertisement at the moment.


Most people spend more time in the internet and social media platforms, so one should adopt a website for their business in order to increase sales and also expand their business.

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website speed loading

Site speed is now a google ranking factor for both tablets, desktops and mobile sites. If you don’t maintain a good website performance, your site’s visibility on search engine results pages (SERPS) may decrease, which leads to lower traffic.

Here are some of the reasons for a slow loading website:

Too many HTTP’S request

When your website has loads of JavaScript’, image files and CSS. It can lead to many HTTPS requests. When a user visits the website, the browser sends multiple requests to access their files. Naturally this would slow down the webpage.


  • Ensure that minify the JavaScript and CSS files.
  • Reduce HTTP request by use of sprites.

Too many Ads

When it comes to ads, they are a great way to monetize your site but at times makes your site load slowly.  Not only do ads increase you page load time, but they’re also annoying to viewers. Having too many ads means having additional HTTP’s requests, which would need additional processing time. The only solution is to limit the number of ads on your site which will ensure better performance and still generate revenue.


  • Only use them where you need to improve performance, UX CTR’s to your ads.
  • Reduce third party advertisers.

  Lack of using CDN service

Content delivery content (CDN) refers to geographically distributed group of servers which work together to provide fast delivery of internet content. If you don’t have a (CDN) it may lead to have a website that loads slowly. CDN allows for quick transfer of assets needed for loading internet content like JavaScript files, images etc. Without a CDN, the communication between your browser and your server takes longer. A CDN speeds up the process.


  • One should sign up for service company like Cloudflare which makes your website more accessible for streamlining its delivery to users.

JavaScript issues

The availability of JavaScript makes the website functional and interactive for users. However, if you implement it incorrectly, it causes a lag on your website’s page load speed. It takes a lot of time for JavaScript and jQuery to be loaded, implemented and executed. This means if one is using multiple API calls for rendering it will eventually cause a delay while loading the website pages.


  • Do an audit to your JavaScript’s.
  • Use asynchronous loading.
  • Consider using google tag manger or segment.

No cache installed

Most sites should embrace the caching technique in their sites. Caching improves the performance of websites by keeping frequently used data in its cache memory.


  • Try to cache every data from static content and images.
  • Install a plugin called WP rocket which is one of the best cache plugins when it comes to WordPress (only if you use WordPress for your site).


One should know that the following factors contribute to a slow speed in your website. So you should avoid such factors in order to improve on your website loading speed and as a results you will have good performance , good rankings and also generate revenue as well.

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choose domain name

What is a domain name? this is the address people type into a web browser in order to reach your site. A domain name should be unique to a specific website and cannot be a shared or duplicate with other web pages.

Why is it important:

  • Provides visibility for your brand: a good domain will create awareness and attract customers.
  • Increases your search engine rankings: when one has quality content on their website, your domain name will become more and more recognizable in search engines like google, Bing etc. Which draws more customers to your site.
  • Provides your brand marketability around the world or the local region.

Here are some of the tips to use when deciding on a perfect domain name:

Research your domain name

One should always conduct research of their domain name in order to find out whether there is an existing business using the same name. when one has an almost matching name or similar name it could lead to confusion among users and also leads to legal issues which may cost you a lot of money.

Use target keywords in your domain name search

Keywords are very important in a domain. If you choose to use keywords, always put the keywords in the beginning of your domain. This is because that’s where they will be most powerful for your rankings. At times its difficult to find a good target keywords, that are not already used. One needs to be creative and combine your keywords to make your domain unique. One can find keywords with tools like and google keywords planner.

Keep your domain name short

When it comes to domain name it should have shorter names which are easier to remember, read and type. Which means users are more likely to find you. We recommend keeping your domain name length between 6-14 characters. If you have a longer domain name it makes users more prone to typos as a result it can lead to loss traffic. Try to keep your domain name short as possible.

Avoid the use of hyphens and numbers in domain name

When choosing a domain name, hyphens or numbers can lead to a spam domain and also make it harder to pronounce. Hyphenated domains are also prone to typos. so if you are looking for domain name for your site, always make it simple and avoid using hyphens and numbers because they tend to confuse the users.

Target for brandable domain names

One should choose a unique and memorable domain which helps your business stands out more and set itself apart from your competitors. Brandable domain names allows sufficient flexibility in your business change. This is because most business change over time and they might expand to offer more product or services. In such situation, a brandable domain name is able to remain relevant and accommodate the changes. One should also keep in mind that through your domain name this is how visitors will find, remember and share your company on the web browser.

Use top level extension names

Top 10 largest TLDs by number of reported domain names min

One should always keep in mind that before you purchase a domain, you will need to know which domain name extension suite your business. When choosing your domain name extension, we always recommend choosing a .com. Many users will automatically type “.com “at the end of every domain this is because they are more familiar with .com compared to other extensions like .net,.org etc.

Make sure it is easy to pronounce

One should avoid words that are difficult to spell or can be spelled more than one way. When your domain is easy to pronounce it makes you to share your domain name to upcoming clients. The harder your domain name  is in terms of pronunciation makes your upcoming clients mistype and misspell your domain and end up in a different website.


When choosing a domain name its not easy as we think. By following the tips we discussed above you can easily create a brand and also boost your search traffic.

A Helpful Guide to Make a Website for your Business to help small businesses grow their market share in the digital world

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SEO Friendly Website Principles 1

SEO is a powerful tool that is easy to implement, but difficult to master. A well executed SEO strategy can significantly increase traffic, however, a poorly- implement plan with common mistakes can cause a site’s ranking to decrease rapidly. Here are some of the common mistakes to avoid:

Lack of Auditing your website for SEO

Infographic 768x546 1

Search engines such as google, bling etc. are constantly updating their algorithms to provide better such results, and you need to be aware of these changes so you can make adjustments to your websites content accordingly. When your website lacks to be audited it means you are missing a lot.

Not optimizing your website for mobile devices

bigstock Responsive Web Design 76477412

Google has fully decided to prioritize websites based on their mobile performance and appearance which means that if your site is not optimized for mobile, you are at a risk of seeing traffic decline slowly or even abruptly from google. As time is passing by many searchers prefer access of website via smartphones and tablets compared to desktop browsers. Google wants website owners to make experience on mobile amazing for their customers.

Using the wrong keywords

image 20211102142912 1

The common mistakes that most websites face are the use of wrong keywords. The use of wrong keywords makes it harder to look at what people search when they type a question into a search engine. One should know when choosing keywords to optimize their site, it is very important to be so accurate. We have some amazing SEO tools that one can use to find the right keywords which include SEMrush, Ahrefs and Ubersuggests.

Lack of using google analytics data

mobile overview sampled

When a website lacks to use google analytics it becomes more difficult to run SEO campaigns or track your results over a period of time. The importance of analytics is to show the SEO experts which page is doing poorly and which page is doing so well.

Using old content


When your site has old content, it will most likely hurt the ranking of all the pages on your site. When you change the old content, it skyrockets your traffic by bringing this old content back to life. When you update a few contents in your website e.g., articles it demonstrates to google that your entire site is valid.

Having a slow load page

website loading optimization page speed and seo vector 33919868

Page speed is a direct ranking factor, Google has indicated that site speed as a result of page speed is one of the signals used by algorithms to rank page. However, speed can also affect indirectly, by increasing the bounce rate and reducing dwell time. One should try on how to improve and boost the navigation on their site.


When it comes to SEO its not easy as we think and that is not easy to remember all the part that you need to work on and if you are looking to improve your rankings you should focus on the optimizing your sites for mobile devices, using right keywords, updating you old content etc. Do all this and you’re already on your way to well-optimized website and having good SEO rankings.

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When a marketer or a business plan to create a website for their business they tend to forget the most important ideas to keep their website relevant for their audience. However, a website that is relevant helps increase brand awareness, generating leads or increase your sales.

Here are the best ideas to implement in your website:

Ensure that your website is simple and precise:

pexels photo 955448

Your website should have straightforward text. One should use sharp lines and white spaces to articulate product details and physical features.

Ensure that you updated your web design

site updates

A website that fails to create a good impression on prospects transmits the idea that your company is unprofessional and incapable. An outdated website can make regular visitors will get tired of it after a while.

By enabling your content to be shareable

social media marketing image 1024x399 1

Your website should allow your regular and most trusted clients to share their experiences about your products or services about your business. If your website is on WordPress, there are few plugins that enable your users to share your content on their social accounts.

Updating old contents and adding fresh content


One needs to know that the fresher content you produce the larger you achieve of previous content will be. Little did you know that your older content may possibly get additional page views when you link it to your new content which will generate more leads.

Images blending with graphics

kisspng responsive web design clip art web development vec anlise de processos jtp solution 5bd14eb7973a60.3010061015404438316194

One should use impressive images which can help to attract attention and to guide your visitors line of slight. They can be a great value when it comes to presenting important information. Also, images are great emotion trigger that you can use to draw your visitors in and get engaged in your content.

Use of Content calendar

375 250 istock 1208395845

Your content is the reason why your visitors come to your website. One should have a content calendar because it keeps your content well organizes and on track. It helps to brainstorming, which saves you from last- minute disastrous planning and helps to produce content consistently.


A relevant website gives you the opportunity to tell potential clients what you are about and why you deserve their trust and confidence. Always keep your website fresh and this will lead to good profitability opportunities.

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If you are in the online business one needs to know that when there is an increase of traffic in your site means that the chances of success are high. The following are the best SEO techniques to drive organic traffic to your website in 2022:

Improve user experience

iStock 1196702694

One should know that having a good user experience in your site will automatically drive organic traffic. When there is a negative user experience, your website will not have high rankings. So, if your users find your site really hard to use, you’re going to lose traffic which will lead them to less likely to return. Its highly that google will penalize your site which can lead to a drop of organic traffic.

Create diverse backlink profile

Why Backlinks are Important for Your Small Business

Backlink is a link from another site that links to a page on your site. Link building is and will always be a core of Google’s ranking algorithm. In fact, they are counted among the top three ranking factors, and so they are extremely beneficial, and if you looking to increase traffic to your website. Also, one can also use SEO search tools to spy or look on your competitor’s backlink profile.

Answering the common FAQ


Answering common FAQ about your products or services and if you explain in a clear and understandable way. Google may not only provide a list of search results, it also highlights content that provides a direct answer to the search in a featured snippet and if your answer makes the cut, you can be rewarded with more organic traffic.

Ensure you make your content more visual

visual content 1

Most searchers are more attracted to visual content which includes Gif, images, graphics and infographics. Web pages with visual content tend to get more views compared to those non-content visual content. And one can also improve their content by ranking your images in google images one of the best search engines.

Improving your website speed

000a Page Speed SEO

One should know that your website speed has a large impact on your goggle ranking. Having a good site speed impacts organic rankings, improves user experience and directly impacts conversion rates.


One should know that using these SEO techniques will enable one to get more organic traffic in their website, which might lead to conversions that will be beneficial to your business.


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