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What is email marketing and how it works? (Easy Guide)

As the technology is advancing it allows marketers to gather fresh leads online while also improving customer retention. But many marketers fail in their email marketing campaigns which damages their reputation to their customers or audience. Some errors are obvious and a major misstep could instantly negate all the hard work you’ve put into your email campaign. So if you’re ready to take your email strategy to the next level, review and correct these eight mistakes that should be avoided at all cost:

  • Writing poor subject lines

Subject lines are often overlooked in the email drafting process, when in reality it is quite possibly one of the most important elements of marketing mail. Penning poor subject lines can lead to lower open rates. So, write short, sweet, professional and personalized subject lines. With subscriber’s email inboxes getting flooded with a lot of enticing offers or info, it’s important to make your message stand out and get opened.

  • Not having a clear call to action

Being engaging is important, but you also need to make sure that customers are given every opportunity to do business with you. So without a call to action, you’re leaving it up to your audience to figure out what you want them to do which sometimes is frustrating for them. So make sure all of your emails have a clear purpose, bring value and include at least one clear call to action (CTA). Don’t overwhelm your reader with tons of CTA’s which might turn them off to click on.

  • Including too many stock images and graphics

While using stock images and graphics to make your content more interesting it can have a negative effect. Which might lead to some recipients to block email images. When you send too many photos, you’re pretty much sending a blank email. Users may delete such messages or even consider them spam. So go easy on images and make sure that all the truly important messages come through somewhere in a plain text, so your readers won’t miss them.

  • Dismissing mobile optimization

Today half of all the emails are opened on a mobile device. Crafting an email from the computer, many marketers forget that most of their subscribers now have switched to mobile devices where the formatting might not be the same. Smartphones are by far the most popular device for all ages, which means that the majority of your customer’s base is primarily using their phone to research, browse, read, interact and purchase.  If you email isn’t optimized for mobiles, then you are losing potential opportunities and risking high unsubscription rates, so make your email mobile friendly by all means. Also one can use mobile -friendly HTML email templates and test the final copy on your smartphones before hitting the send button.

  • Not letting your subscriber’s reply

No subscriber looks forward to receiving email from an organization that won’t let them reply. Emails that fail to let readers respond and ask questions is a turn off to the audience and they may look for a more personalized experience where brands are interested in hearing back from their customers. So make sure that you serve your newsletter through email that lets the reader communicate back.  Also make sure to always send emails from an email address your subscribers are familiar with and to which they can reply if needed.

  • Overloading subscriber’s inboxes with too many emails

Some businesses make the mistake of sending too many emails to their customers. Sending your customers with emails after email leaves them annoyed and more likely to unsubscribe. Mailing your contacts too often frustrates them while contacting them after a long absence is equally bad for your business. So one should have a mailing frequency, consider the nature of your business and the customer’s expectation as primary factors.

  • Neglecting to welcome subscribers

If someone signs up for your email list, it’s a mistake to not immediately welcome them. One can set things up so your email marketing platform knows to automatically send a welcome message right away. Welcome emails should be triggered immediately after sign-up. This is because they have highest open rates compared to every other email category, so if you are not sending them, it is a missed opportunity.

  • Not segmenting your subscribers list and personalizing your emails

If you are not segmenting your contacts based on their unique preferences, it is a waste of a lot of money. The objective of email marketing is to maintain close contact with your customers. By segmenting your email list, you can make sure that you send emails that are relevant to your subscribers. To avoid such email marketing mistake, take advantage of email segmentation. Based on both the demographic and psychographic data you’ve gathered; you can ensure that the right people are getting the right message at the right time. Not all personalized emails have to be individually customized, but some level of personalization should be done to improve sales, open rates and click rates


Email marketing is still very effective and thriving everyone needs to make this a priority. Avoiding these 8 common email marketing mistakes will take time and experimentation. However, you can build better, more effective campaigns that will deliver on your goals.

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21 Best SEO Tools & Software in 2022 (Pro Reviews + Free Options)


It is challenging to make your e-commerce business stand out from the rest. That’s why you should use the best, leveraging and understanding best SEO tools in order to have a successful e-commerce SEO strategy. If you want to see how your site is performing in the search engines, you can use some of the many SEO tools that help you get more insights into your site.

 Here are some of the SEO tools to use:

  • Ahrefs

Ahrefs is an outstanding e-commerce SEO tool that can help you with keyword research, competitor’s analysis, link building etc. Ahrefs is helpful when you are trying to understand what links performs well for your page and trying to figure out a trend in your particular niche. SEO experts can’t get enough of Ahrefs site audit feature as it’s the best SEO analysis tool around. This tool highlights what parts of the website that needs improvements to rank better in search engines. The features include:

  • Site crawl
  • Site audit
  • Track key metrics
  • A complete all in one e-commerce SEO tool
  • SEMrush

SEMrush is the world leading keyword research and competitor analysis service for online marketing and one of the most popular SEO tools on the market. This tool assists you to enhance your site’s status in online search engine. It also looks at where you can use backlinks and even compares your strategy to that of your competitors. One can track their paid ads performance, organic keywords, even their best performing product listing ads. You should consider this tool because you can try out all the advanced features on SEMrush for free for 14 days. The features include:

  • Rank tracking
  • Local SEO
  • Integrations for Google data studios
  • Hyper-tracking via zip codes
  • Link building
  • Moz
moz ecommerce seo

Moz provides the best in class SEO management tool, great for all sizes of e-commerce companies. It helps boost the search engine visibility and rank your website. This SEO tool crawls the web, gathers the data and complies it into a report. Whether you are looking for keywords recommendations or a site crawl, Moz is a full-service package. You can get great insights into how your website is performing but also on how to improve it. It enables you to tactically target keywords with the ideal keywords search volume and trouble metrics. The features include:

  • Site performance
  • Keywords research study
  • On-page optimization
  • Website efficiency
  • Customized reports
  • Site crawl
  • Link research
  • Attracta
Attracta free seo tool for ecommerce

Attracta is one of the best SEO tools for e-commerce sites. It helps in boosting search engines rankings and increase traffic to websites. And also increased rankings leads straight to increase traffic for your website and more opportunities for sales and leads. The features include:

  • Site map creation tool
  • Title and meta descriptions
  • SEO audit
  • Local SEO services
  • Keyword analysis and optimization
  • Ubersuggests
Ubersuggest 7.0: The Ultimate Keyword Research Tool

It is a tool that can offer you the variety of backlinks needed for a specific keyword to be in the leading 10, the trouble of each keyword, associated keywords and concerns. It allows you to get an idea of strategies that work for your competitors and see how you can apply them better. Ubersuggests offers a list of keywords that you can automatically track and you can add others that interest you. It shows you your rankings over time, both on desktops and mobile. You can also use ubersuggest for SEO audit where it gives you an SEO score with suggestions of changes you can make to improve your score. SEO and paid PPC, this tool can help you determine if a keyword is worth targeting and how competitive it is. It’s a useful SEO tool for e-commerce business. The features include:

  • Backlink data
  • Social media
  • Domain overview
  • Top SEO pages
  • Content ideas
  • Google search console
Best seo tools

It is a good tool that you can use to measure your website search traffic and get a comprehensive report on its performance, analyze user search patterns and pinpoint existing website errors. This tool allows you to choose which pages on your website you want the search engines to pick and also eliminate the one’s that you don’t want. It uses search analytics, which helps optimize the content, specific URL’s and submitting the user’s website for indexing. in addition, if there is an issue in your website, it will receive alerts. The features include:

  • URL checking
  • Scan statistics
  • AMP test
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Page insights
  • Search console
  • Screaming frog’s

It is an SEO tool that is a website crawler that instantly searches for 404 links and server errors that might harm your website search rankings. It is a popular free tool for analyzing and auditing technical and on page SEO concern. The SEO spider can effectively crawl both huge and small websites, allows you to analyze the results in real-time. Another advantage of screaming frog is that it is integrated with Google analytics and one can easily connect screaming frog’s account to Google analytics API and fetch user data up to 500 URL’s for free. The features include:

  • Social media
  • Link building
  • Technical SEO audit
  • Digital PR
  • Conversion rate optimization

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Reach your Clients Directly through Innovative Email Marketing Service

Email marketing is known to be extremely powerful and vibrant way to reach out to connect to all your loyal customers. Creating a strong email marketing strategy help you reach and connect with your target audience in a personalized way to increase sales at an affordable cost. Email marketing allows developing brand awareness, building credibility and establishing trustworthy relationships with customers. Also it’s a perfect way to generate leads, drive more sales and boost website traffic. In this article we’re going to dig into 5 importance of email marketing for your e-commerce business

  • Its cost effective
How Cost Effective Are Promotional Products Compared to Other Advertising?  | Factory Direct Promos

It is easy, effective and inexpensive. Email marketing allows business owners to reach a large number of consumer rate of nearly nothing per message. Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing strategies that you can use to reach and engage your target audience. Traditional marketing techniques like TV, direct mail and print ads can become quite costly with all the fees involved. Keep in mind that investing in your email marketing strategy can help your e-commerce business achieve better results.

  • Improves brand awareness
Tips that Boost Brand Awareness and Brand Recognition | by  ReputationDefender | Medium

Email marketing is a best way to create brand identity since it allows you to directly access to your potential customer’s inboxes. Social media isn’t the only platform that helps the company’s brand awareness. If customers follow you, this signifies they have an interest in your business. Emails can increase the level of interest even more.

  • Know you customers
5 ways to find out what your customers want | Customer Experience Insight

Email marketing is a great way to build relationships with current customers, leads, prospects and even previous customers. This is because it gives opportunity to communicate with them directly at a convenient time for them. One can use sources like Facebook insights, Google analytics to gather information to craft engaging content for your customers.

  • Email marketing has a higher conversion rates

Email marketing drive more sales than any marketing channel. This proves that email are the best thing for your e-commerce business. Businesses that use email marketing to segment their data and campaigns ensure that they send the most appropriate messages to individuals. When one use segmentation is one of the best ways to increase your emails conversions and if done correctly you can convert more customers.

  • Mobile friendly email marketing is growing rapidly

Many companies have already integrated mobile marketing into the marketing mix as a results of its growing importance. Around 55% of emails are opened on a mobile phone so it’s significant and should come into play when planning any marketing strategy. Most consumers use mobile phones to access not only emails but also all types of media and information. Not using emails as part of your internet marketing strategy means you are missing out on a channel that a majority of the world uses.

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E-commerce Web Application: Why Your Business Needs One?

When creating an e-commerce website, you should use the right color, images, fonts, words and graphic to convince visitors to make a purchase. There are many ways through which you can easily improve conversions rate in your e-commerce website by working on customer experience. A seamless website design plays a big role in getting customers to complete the checkout process.

Here are 7 tips for creating an outstanding e-commerce website design.

  • Keep it simple and also have a responsive design
When Less Is More: Tips to Keep Your Website Simple | Search SEO Chicago

 If you want to optimize your e-commerce web design for conversions, you should consider simplifying it. The more elements that you have on your page, the more it takes away your visitors from the entire point of the website. Users shouldn’t have to search for buttons or dog too far to find the right category. What makes a good e-commerce website design is the minimalism and cleanliness that make a website look refined and favor the products. Once you website is easier for someone to shop with you, the more willing they’ll be to complete the purchase and give a sale. Request only the information that is absolutely necessary like shipping address (if needed), name and payment information. Keep your design clear, clean and simple and also keep the focus on the sale. The best e-commerce design is light and spacious.

  • Keep it mobile responsive
Mobile Friendly Web Design and Customers

If your page isn’t set up to be mobile responsive, you instantly lose that group of customers when you fail to optimize your e-commerce web design for mobile use is one of the biggest mistake you can make. It could be inconvenient for users to use the website. So in short if you want to capture more clients make you website fully responsive. One should test their site and make sure to view their sites from different devices and operating systems just to be sure.

  • Use high-quality photos

One should know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Adding more relevant images into a website design increases conversions. Also adding several shots of each product and create a slideshow for each product listing. When you lack to add quality photos no one is going to buy a product sight unseen so you should consider adding photos galleries for each product so that visitors can click through them. When you also have low quality photos they might signify that a store doesn’t care about making an effort to sell so they are likely to go search in another e-commerce website that offers same products as you. High quality images instill trust in your potential customers without fail, which in turn gives them the confidence to shop from your website.

  • Make branding a priority

One should have a consistent branding across all the pages of all site makes standing out easy. If your website is faceless it will look like a scam to the visitors. One should create branding messages that define what makes them unique from their competitors. Also make sure that your logo is visible enough on each page of your site and keep color schemes, font consistent and on brand. Ensure that your branding and experiences are consistent across all devices and channels. One should also ensure that when clients visit your physical store (if there is any) to have the same feel as in the website.

  • Add easy and convenient navigation

Make your products categories and products pages easy to navigate and this will make your customers to search for products and to filter products like color, product type etc. Make sure you have easy to navigate product pages and categories. The easier your pages are to navigate the easier it will be for you customers to find exactly what they need.

  • Add social proof

One should incorporate social proof into your home pages, this is because you will appear more trustworthy to your future customers. Make it easy for your clients to keep in touch, also add sharing buttons on your site.

  • Use a view cart button
Add To Cart Button Images – Browse 35,160 Stock Photos, Vectors, and Video  | Adobe Stock

When you incorporate the cart button visible at all times while customers are shopping has been proven to increase conversions and also maintain a clean and organized record of the transactions that take place, so as to prevent any sort of confusions. Also convenient for customers because it simplifies the payment making the process by acting as a facilitator between payment getaways and the main website.


Your website is the face of your business , so when a visitors lands in your website it takes them few seconds to decide whether they like it or not. So one should make sure that their e-commerce website has a good design that looks amazing and in the end it will convert perfectly. So one should implement the tips above to have an outstanding e-commerce website.

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Google My Business

What is Google my business or Google business profile?

Google my business is an easy to use tool that help small businesses to manage their online presence across Google like Google search and maps. Its a platform that allows business owners to control how they appear on Google and make their company stand out. Here are some of the benefits of using Google my business.


One must never underestimate the power of customers reviews, especially when it comes to search rankings. According to Moz research, internet reviews are considered to account for 10% of how search engine rank results. If you want your business to appear in search results, you must use Google my business to make it easy for your consumers to submit good reviews about your company. When your business shows off its shiny yellow 5 star rating along with all its other important details. When your competitors has significantly fewer reviews or low ratings, that customer is more likely to turn to you than them.


Google my business makes it simple for startups for small businesses and companies to market their product and services online by enhancing exposure and raising the likelihood of appearing in search results. It can help potential customers to quickly find and contact you. Its a free tool that you can make use of to improve your online presence, connect with your customers and increase your business revenue.


what20is20google20my20business20business20profile20in20maps20fresh20n20clean20dry20cleaning 4

Google my Business helps ensure that people find your business when looking your products and services that you offer in their local area. The local pack is a search engine result page (SERP) that lists the location that are relevant to your search. Also provides a slew of other helpful data for any potential consumer who may want to know, like business phone numbers etc. In case customers have extra questions or even public star rating, Its useful for both the company and the consumers.


One can use Google my business dashboard to gain key insights on your audience and local search performance. Google my business has tools that gives information on key areas to help create plans and make decisions. This tool gives you access to information and insights that might help you figure out where you audience is coming from.


The local pack takes up a lot of space on Google page one result page, and its the first thing each Google users see after typing their query. It allows users to see all of the information they require at a glance. Well optimized listing impacts business visibility in Google in the local packs and maps, with relevancy, trust, search proximity and popularity determining where you are found. When you profile is incomplete, inaccurate, lacking relevance and poorly reviewed, Google won’t give you visibility to the searchers you want to reach.


STEP 1 : Go to and click ‘manage now”

STEP 2: Check whether you business already has a Google listing. if their is, claim it ,click add you business to Google

STEP 3: Enter you details which include business name, business category, address and name of operation

STEP 4: Verify your business, you can request Google to send you a postcard with verification code. Google will send you a postcard within 14 days . NB When waiting for google to send the postcard one should not edit their business name, address or category.

STEP 5 : Publish your Google my business profile and add additional details e.g. operation hours, business description, photos etc.

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