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E-A-T and SEO for Google: Everything You Need to Know

What is E-A-T stands for expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. These three factors are the ones Google uses to measure how much trust it should place in your brand or website. And it helps quality raters to analyze and measure the value of the website’s main content. This means that Google Algorithms is devised to detect certain signals within the website that recognizes the site and its content according to E-A-T and then ranks sites accordingly along with other aspects of its algorithms. It’s not a ranking factor, but it is part of the larger page quality evaluation for your site and thus can have a big impact on your organic visibility

Here what’s those initials mean:

  • Expertise: means to have a high level of knowledge. The expertise that is reflected in the website you are trying to promote search engines can tell you are an expert on your business or not.
  • Authoritativeness: one needs to show that you are an authority or the authoritativeness of the creator of the main content. And you can get this from the expertise of your writers or yourself. Authoritativeness comes from a good reputation in the industry. It is the measure of how people see your website and the content available on it. When someone sees a website as the go-to source for information on a given topic then that’s authority.
  • Trustworthiness: You need to show users they can trust the creator of the main content and the website trustworthiness is important for e-commerce websites that ask users for their credit cards information. It’s the final criteria for your customers to believe in your product/services. They should like you, this is often reflected in the customer’s reviews. Google Algorithms have a lot of data on their customers and therefore they know whom the customers trust.

                        WHY IS E-A-T IMPORTANT

  • Use or hire experts

Provides high quality that will be used by others as expert materials when discussing your subject matter. Google loves expert content and especially they reward content that is created by someone with credentials and qualifications. Hiring experts is an essential part of SEO if you want to succeed in the present day competition driven economy. The reason is obvious for this step, without expertise you are missing a crucial piece of E-A-T.

  • Keep content up to date

Always keep all your content up to date with the most accurate information. If you are covering topics like YMYL topics like financial advice, medical then keeping content updated is crucial for demonstrating E-A-T this is because they must be maintained, edited, reviewed and updated on regular basis. When you update your content it improves accuracy and relevance.

  • Audit your brand

 When you audit your brand it establishes a stronger foundation for its trustworthiness. You can start by asking existing customers base, send them a survey or give a call etc. and ask them about their experience with your company or business. Evaluate how your brand positions itself within your industry and look for a specific way to improve that positioning. After the auditing is done and it reveals that there are a few gaps, create a plan on how to strengthen you brand presence.

  • Build content creation framework

All your content must be expertly written and should have links to pages that validate the articles subject matter. Consistent content is a perfect way to establish your authority. Effective content creation framework is one of the most important parts of SEO. All content should be created only for the purpose of the customers and if doesn’t match the sale funnel, it probably doesn’t belong to your site.

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5 types of content Google Discover is now excluding

What is google discover? Google discover is a personalized mobile feed for each based on their browsing and search history. It shows information and news about the topics that interest you like SEO etc. You could say it’s similar to a social media feed, but without any content from your contacts. It was created in 2017 and was formerly known as the Google feed but in 2017 Google renamed it as ‘discover”

Here are 5 tips to get Google discover traffic:

  • Use high resolution image

Pages with high quality images and videos perform better on google discover. Creating high-quality is not about the text aspect of content creation. But it involves visual content types one should keep in mind that the new discover stresses more on visual which includes videos etc. Google recommends large images to be at least 1200px wide and enabled by the max image preview. One should also compress all images to allow fast loading without sacrificing quality. Besides writing high quality content, having high quality, eye-catching images in your content is a good way to gain more screen space and increase engagement.

  • Having a mobile friendly website is a must

Your website needs to be mobile friendly as the feed is currently only available for mobile. At the very least you need to be responsive, fast loading website with unlimited or no ads, pop ups or interstitials. You can also analyze the pages that aren’t mobile friendly using Google search console. Google search console (GSC) usability on your site, you can test the pages optimized for mobile and also those that are not and check the difference. Having a fast, responsive site discovery will rank your site higher.

  • Create both new and evergreen content

When you have evergreen content on your website, you must keep refreshing it to make sure the content stays relevant and up to date. Google discover will not randomly pick any content to show users, instead it looks for meaningful, quality material that will boost user experience. One should remember that Google discover will always present users with quality content, therefore one should invest on content creation strategy to provide your best and the best option is to write timely content. Content that people will find valuable throughout the year, and this will be beneficial because discover still finds your content useful and you will continuously get traffic.

  • Comply with copyrights

Google will not feature websites that feature shared content. Googles corporate policies directly penalizes pages that contain content shared without respecting copyright which may include videos, audios, software music, images etc. therefore it will be difficult for such a page to be featured by Google discover algorithms.

  • Publish your content on social media

Another way to optimize your blog posts for discover feeds is to increase your social media feed engagement. When one posts their blog posts/articles on social chances are that your articles might be ranked in google discover. The more of these elements like comments, shares and likes you get will make you post rank higher on user feeds. And the best way to improve your social feed management is to create and post helpful content regularly and this will drive consistent interaction and traffic. Also a good idea is to tell your followers to share your post across all channels.

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Link building Pictures, Link building Stock Photos & Images | Depositphotos®

What is link building? Link building is where you place your website’s backlinks in other websites. These links help online user reach different webpages and sites including yours with a single click. Link building is the process of developing connections and placing these backlinks on various website in order to grow your webpage or e-commerce site. Link building in SEO is a very important strategy to give your website a great ranking. Here are major benefits to developing a good link building strategy.

Benefits from linking building for SEO

  • Improving rankings: One should know that without backlinks, it is very difficult to rank on Google even when the website might have quality content. Your competitors who rank above you in search for your industry keywords will always have a higher percentage of backlinks. However, if you want to over rank them, you will need to create more backlinks than them, even though you’re in the same sector or industry. Algorithms are key and they will always favor sites that actively build value and authority. Create links that are trusted, diverse and relevant to build better results.
  • Increase search engine visibility:  Visibility can make or break not only your link building strategy but also your digital marketing strategy as a whole. Link building increases search and can also help in credible lead generation. The more backlinks your website has, the better your online visibility will be. Which means that your content will show up more frequently on search results and be positioned among the top results if a lot reputable sources link back to it. So every time you are linked to from a new website, you are exposing yourself to thousands of new viewers and readers who will see your content through that link. This can have a big positive impact to your business and help to a quickly establish you as a trusted brand.
  • Improves website traffic: one of the best ways to attract more traffic from search engines is through link building. The more your website ranks, the more the traffic it will get. Which helps you get relevant traffic which is a good indicator of your website performance. If you create a permanent link on authority site, then you will get a huge traffic for a long period of time. That is why link building is one of the best and most affordable method for generating relevant traffic.
  • Links gives you credibility: links are important as they judge your website’s credibility. Google aims to provide users with the most relevant results to their search engine queries. If a user finds your backlinks in one of the most leading authority sites, they will regard your website and your brand to be of the same standings. The more quality links that point towards your site, the more credibility you’ll have.
  • Enhancing relationships in your niche: Link building sometimes it involves reaching out to other blogs and websites that share your niche. Connecting with business owner in your niche can mean having a sound board for new ideas and also means that you should first understand who their targeted visitors are, what they’re interested in etc. link building might open up greater opportunities for businesses and other avenues for collaborations.
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Top 11 SEO Analysis Tools For Your Website | Best SEO Analysis Tools

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best digital marketing techniques to boost your content over the web. Performing an SEO analysis of your website gives you deep insights into the areas that may need improvement. Therefore, it’s important to know the ins and outs of planning and implementing a successful SEO analysis starting with a deep-drive SEO audit.

What is an SEO analysis?

An SEO analysis is also known as an SEO audit. SEO analysis is where you examine your website and gain a better understanding on how well your site has been optimized and what to do to improve it.

 Why is an SEO analysis important?

An SEO analysis can help you figure out where you can improve your site content and technical features to give users a better experience and to show search engines context and relationship between your content and the search query visitors are using.

Analyzing a website’s SEO basically involves evaluating on-page and off-page factors. One should try doing this to discover ideas to rank new content and web pages through site auditing and backlink analysis. It’s important to continuously improve website traffic, achieving your business objectives, growth goals and strategic decision for improvement.

One should perform SEO analysis through framework of satisfying search bots and algorithmic updates. Constant algorithmic changes from Google can affect your site’s ranking, site auditing helps you to stay up to date.

How to do an SEO analysis of a website

On page SEO: Refers to the process of optimizing one webpage to rank higher on search engine results pages in order to gain traffic includes activities like structural issues, the HTML source code, the page architecture and meta-tags.

Off page SEO: Refers to potential action or techniques that are taken outside of your own website. This includes internal link building, guest hosting social media marketing etc.

Technical SEO: Improving the technical aspects of a website in order to increase ranking of its pages in the search engines. It also includes mobile optimization.

Here are some of the things to check when doing an SEO analysis

  • Analyze titles and headings: Titles should be attention-grabbing and encourage users to click on them. One should ensure that you are using the proper SEO keywords for your page. High search volume keywords usually have high competition, so it’s difficult to rank for them. So try to find a long-tail keyword that is a little less competitive and will improve your chances of showing up on the first page of SERP.
  • Audit your images: Images are important in your website because they are attractive and easier to consume for the visitors. It is important to optimize your images with proper text to describe the appearance and function of that image. Search engine crawlers can’t crawl images, so you must have an appropriate title, the title should best describe what the images contains. One should also compress the images to reduce their size which can help improve load speed.
  • Analyzing your website content: Content is a vital part of SEO because you need to consider when checking the SEO of your website. One should ensure the content is unique, high quality and with no errors and also make sure to optimize keywords positioning and on-page errors.
  • Check for broken links: Broken links can cause a terrible experience for users visiting your website. Broken links can be fixed by confirming appropriate spelling or performing a 301 redirect to a different but still valid URL’S removing broken links can help make your website more user friendly.
  • Evaluate incoming links: inbound links also known as incoming or backlinks are hyperlinked links to your site from another site. You should also check inbound links to your website and even those of your competitor’s website. This can give you an idea of how much work needs to be done to improve your rankings. It’s important to analyze a site’s incoming links /backlink profile to make sure it’s not receiving too many low-quality links like spam or negative SEO attacks.
  • Check your page speed: Analyzing the loading speed of your website is an important factor that one should take into account. Your page speed can influence your website’s SEO and user experience. One should monitor it at regular basis to ensure that it is running well and efficiently. You can test you page speed from page speed insights tool by Google.    


SEO analysis is a must for every website and it should be done at regular intervals. One should know whether their efforts are working if you see an increase in organic and overall traffic. If you re-run your website audit you should receive fewer issues and a higher ‘health’ score.

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choose domain name

What is a domain name? this is the address people type into a web browser in order to reach your site. A domain name should be unique to a specific website and cannot be a shared or duplicate with other web pages.

Why is it important:

  • Provides visibility for your brand: a good domain will create awareness and attract customers.
  • Increases your search engine rankings: when one has quality content on their website, your domain name will become more and more recognizable in search engines like google, Bing etc. Which draws more customers to your site.
  • Provides your brand marketability around the world or the local region.

Here are some of the tips to use when deciding on a perfect domain name:

Research your domain name

One should always conduct research of their domain name in order to find out whether there is an existing business using the same name. when one has an almost matching name or similar name it could lead to confusion among users and also leads to legal issues which may cost you a lot of money.

Use target keywords in your domain name search

Keywords are very important in a domain. If you choose to use keywords, always put the keywords in the beginning of your domain. This is because that’s where they will be most powerful for your rankings. At times its difficult to find a good target keywords, that are not already used. One needs to be creative and combine your keywords to make your domain unique. One can find keywords with tools like and google keywords planner.

Keep your domain name short

When it comes to domain name it should have shorter names which are easier to remember, read and type. Which means users are more likely to find you. We recommend keeping your domain name length between 6-14 characters. If you have a longer domain name it makes users more prone to typos as a result it can lead to loss traffic. Try to keep your domain name short as possible.

Avoid the use of hyphens and numbers in domain name

When choosing a domain name, hyphens or numbers can lead to a spam domain and also make it harder to pronounce. Hyphenated domains are also prone to typos. so if you are looking for domain name for your site, always make it simple and avoid using hyphens and numbers because they tend to confuse the users.

Target for brandable domain names

One should choose a unique and memorable domain which helps your business stands out more and set itself apart from your competitors. Brandable domain names allows sufficient flexibility in your business change. This is because most business change over time and they might expand to offer more product or services. In such situation, a brandable domain name is able to remain relevant and accommodate the changes. One should also keep in mind that through your domain name this is how visitors will find, remember and share your company on the web browser.

Use top level extension names

Top 10 largest TLDs by number of reported domain names min

One should always keep in mind that before you purchase a domain, you will need to know which domain name extension suite your business. When choosing your domain name extension, we always recommend choosing a .com. Many users will automatically type “.com “at the end of every domain this is because they are more familiar with .com compared to other extensions like .net,.org etc.

Make sure it is easy to pronounce

One should avoid words that are difficult to spell or can be spelled more than one way. When your domain is easy to pronounce it makes you to share your domain name to upcoming clients. The harder your domain name  is in terms of pronunciation makes your upcoming clients mistype and misspell your domain and end up in a different website.


When choosing a domain name its not easy as we think. By following the tips we discussed above you can easily create a brand and also boost your search traffic.

A Helpful Guide to Make a Website for your Business to help small businesses grow their market share in the digital world

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SEO Friendly Website Principles 1

SEO is a powerful tool that is easy to implement, but difficult to master. A well executed SEO strategy can significantly increase traffic, however, a poorly- implement plan with common mistakes can cause a site’s ranking to decrease rapidly. Here are some of the common mistakes to avoid:

Lack of Auditing your website for SEO

Infographic 768x546 1

Search engines such as google, bling etc. are constantly updating their algorithms to provide better such results, and you need to be aware of these changes so you can make adjustments to your websites content accordingly. When your website lacks to be audited it means you are missing a lot.

Not optimizing your website for mobile devices

bigstock Responsive Web Design 76477412

Google has fully decided to prioritize websites based on their mobile performance and appearance which means that if your site is not optimized for mobile, you are at a risk of seeing traffic decline slowly or even abruptly from google. As time is passing by many searchers prefer access of website via smartphones and tablets compared to desktop browsers. Google wants website owners to make experience on mobile amazing for their customers.

Using the wrong keywords

image 20211102142912 1

The common mistakes that most websites face are the use of wrong keywords. The use of wrong keywords makes it harder to look at what people search when they type a question into a search engine. One should know when choosing keywords to optimize their site, it is very important to be so accurate. We have some amazing SEO tools that one can use to find the right keywords which include SEMrush, Ahrefs and Ubersuggests.

Lack of using google analytics data

mobile overview sampled

When a website lacks to use google analytics it becomes more difficult to run SEO campaigns or track your results over a period of time. The importance of analytics is to show the SEO experts which page is doing poorly and which page is doing so well.

Using old content


When your site has old content, it will most likely hurt the ranking of all the pages on your site. When you change the old content, it skyrockets your traffic by bringing this old content back to life. When you update a few contents in your website e.g., articles it demonstrates to google that your entire site is valid.

Having a slow load page

website loading optimization page speed and seo vector 33919868

Page speed is a direct ranking factor, Google has indicated that site speed as a result of page speed is one of the signals used by algorithms to rank page. However, speed can also affect indirectly, by increasing the bounce rate and reducing dwell time. One should try on how to improve and boost the navigation on their site.


When it comes to SEO its not easy as we think and that is not easy to remember all the part that you need to work on and if you are looking to improve your rankings you should focus on the optimizing your sites for mobile devices, using right keywords, updating you old content etc. Do all this and you’re already on your way to well-optimized website and having good SEO rankings.

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If you are in the online business one needs to know that when there is an increase of traffic in your site means that the chances of success are high. The following are the best SEO techniques to drive organic traffic to your website in 2022:

Improve user experience

iStock 1196702694

One should know that having a good user experience in your site will automatically drive organic traffic. When there is a negative user experience, your website will not have high rankings. So, if your users find your site really hard to use, you’re going to lose traffic which will lead them to less likely to return. Its highly that google will penalize your site which can lead to a drop of organic traffic.

Create diverse backlink profile

Why Backlinks are Important for Your Small Business

Backlink is a link from another site that links to a page on your site. Link building is and will always be a core of Google’s ranking algorithm. In fact, they are counted among the top three ranking factors, and so they are extremely beneficial, and if you looking to increase traffic to your website. Also, one can also use SEO search tools to spy or look on your competitor’s backlink profile.

Answering the common FAQ


Answering common FAQ about your products or services and if you explain in a clear and understandable way. Google may not only provide a list of search results, it also highlights content that provides a direct answer to the search in a featured snippet and if your answer makes the cut, you can be rewarded with more organic traffic.

Ensure you make your content more visual

visual content 1

Most searchers are more attracted to visual content which includes Gif, images, graphics and infographics. Web pages with visual content tend to get more views compared to those non-content visual content. And one can also improve their content by ranking your images in google images one of the best search engines.

Improving your website speed

000a Page Speed SEO

One should know that your website speed has a large impact on your goggle ranking. Having a good site speed impacts organic rankings, improves user experience and directly impacts conversion rates.


One should know that using these SEO techniques will enable one to get more organic traffic in their website, which might lead to conversions that will be beneficial to your business.


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