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website speed loading

Site speed is now a google ranking factor for both tablets, desktops and mobile sites. If you don’t maintain a good website performance, your site’s visibility on search engine results pages (SERPS) may decrease, which leads to lower traffic.

Here are some of the reasons for a slow loading website:

Too many HTTP’S request

When your website has loads of JavaScript’, image files and CSS. It can lead to many HTTPS requests. When a user visits the website, the browser sends multiple requests to access their files. Naturally this would slow down the webpage.


  • Ensure that minify the JavaScript and CSS files.
  • Reduce HTTP request by use of sprites.

Too many Ads

When it comes to ads, they are a great way to monetize your site but at times makes your site load slowly.  Not only do ads increase you page load time, but they’re also annoying to viewers. Having too many ads means having additional HTTP’s requests, which would need additional processing time. The only solution is to limit the number of ads on your site which will ensure better performance and still generate revenue.


  • Only use them where you need to improve performance, UX CTR’s to your ads.
  • Reduce third party advertisers.

  Lack of using CDN service

Content delivery content (CDN) refers to geographically distributed group of servers which work together to provide fast delivery of internet content. If you don’t have a (CDN) it may lead to have a website that loads slowly. CDN allows for quick transfer of assets needed for loading internet content like JavaScript files, images etc. Without a CDN, the communication between your browser and your server takes longer. A CDN speeds up the process.


  • One should sign up for service company like Cloudflare which makes your website more accessible for streamlining its delivery to users.

JavaScript issues

The availability of JavaScript makes the website functional and interactive for users. However, if you implement it incorrectly, it causes a lag on your website’s page load speed. It takes a lot of time for JavaScript and jQuery to be loaded, implemented and executed. This means if one is using multiple API calls for rendering it will eventually cause a delay while loading the website pages.


  • Do an audit to your JavaScript’s.
  • Use asynchronous loading.
  • Consider using google tag manger or segment.

No cache installed

Most sites should embrace the caching technique in their sites. Caching improves the performance of websites by keeping frequently used data in its cache memory.


  • Try to cache every data from static content and images.
  • Install a plugin called WP rocket which is one of the best cache plugins when it comes to WordPress (only if you use WordPress for your site).


One should know that the following factors contribute to a slow speed in your website. So you should avoid such factors in order to improve on your website loading speed and as a results you will have good performance , good rankings and also generate revenue as well.

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When a marketer or a business plan to create a website for their business they tend to forget the most important ideas to keep their website relevant for their audience. However, a website that is relevant helps increase brand awareness, generating leads or increase your sales.

Here are the best ideas to implement in your website:

Ensure that your website is simple and precise:

pexels photo 955448

Your website should have straightforward text. One should use sharp lines and white spaces to articulate product details and physical features.

Ensure that you updated your web design

site updates

A website that fails to create a good impression on prospects transmits the idea that your company is unprofessional and incapable. An outdated website can make regular visitors will get tired of it after a while.

By enabling your content to be shareable

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Your website should allow your regular and most trusted clients to share their experiences about your products or services about your business. If your website is on WordPress, there are few plugins that enable your users to share your content on their social accounts.

Updating old contents and adding fresh content


One needs to know that the fresher content you produce the larger you achieve of previous content will be. Little did you know that your older content may possibly get additional page views when you link it to your new content which will generate more leads.

Images blending with graphics

kisspng responsive web design clip art web development vec anlise de processos jtp solution 5bd14eb7973a60.3010061015404438316194

One should use impressive images which can help to attract attention and to guide your visitors line of slight. They can be a great value when it comes to presenting important information. Also, images are great emotion trigger that you can use to draw your visitors in and get engaged in your content.

Use of Content calendar

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Your content is the reason why your visitors come to your website. One should have a content calendar because it keeps your content well organizes and on track. It helps to brainstorming, which saves you from last- minute disastrous planning and helps to produce content consistently.


A relevant website gives you the opportunity to tell potential clients what you are about and why you deserve their trust and confidence. Always keep your website fresh and this will lead to good profitability opportunities.

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